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Dootson and Harrison Funeral Services Ltd, are an Independent Funeral Directors, situated on Elliott Street in Tyldesley M29 8DS. Karen Dootson and John Harrison have over 20 years experience working within the funeral industry. We can help, care and support you all the way through the funeral arrangements to the day of the funeral and welcome you to keep in touch with us afterwards. Karen has worked throughout the areas of Leigh, Atherton, Tyldesley, Astley, Little Hulton to the far side of Greater Manchester. John has spent the majority of his funeral career within Greater Manchester and surrounding areas. For us, its the personal touches that are the most important, for you to feel comfortable in our funeral home and for us without question to have the utmost care and respect towards your loved one in our care. We can advise on all matters relating to the funeral, but ultimately its what you as family / friends choose in respect of flowers, music etc will be honoured in memory of your loved one.

What to do when someone dies.

When someone dies, please contact us and we can help you through the next steps you need to take. Whether the death is expected or unexpected it will come as a shock. If the death is expected either at home, hospital or a nursing home, there will more than likely be a statement of intent in place. A doctor will still have to certify the death and he/she will fill out a medical certificate of cause of death that will need to be collected by the next of kin / executor in order for registration of notification of a death to take place. If the death in unexpected then the police will need to be called and they will notify the coroner who will send out a coroners representive
to take care of the deceased until they have ascertained a cause of death. All these steps seem very confusing at such a vunerable and upsetting time, we pride ourselves in taking time to get to know our families, to allieviate fear and uncertainty due to our knowledge, ease, compassion and empathy towards our families and their loved one. The majority of families we have helped look to us as friends rather than us ‘providing a service’.

Burial or cremation

Most people before death have specified whether they would like to be buried or cremated. Influencing factors may be cost, religion, family tradition, the area in which crematoria, churchyard or cemetery is situated.

The crematoria usually have a chapel to use for a service, this is then held with choices made for music, flowers, order of service booklets etc. If a burial is chosen, the service could take place in a church, chapel or at the graveside.


Ways to personalise your loved ones funeral include choice of coffin, choice of hearse, motor hearse or horse drawn carriage, music, photographs, service sheets and floral tributes. Poems may be read to reflect feelings felt by family or memories of times spent with your loved one. A tribute may be read by a family member, friend or by the officiant leading the service. The service may be religious or non religious, to include bible readings, psalms, hymns or as mentioned earlier poems or a song. You may choose to release balloons or doves after the service .